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Rob Littlejohn Builder WhangareiRob Littlejohn is a builder in Whangarei. He’s been in the building trade for over 35 years and has a solid reputation for building high quality homes. However, his website was very dated and simply didn’t reflect the quality of the homes, commercial buildings and farm structures that he was constructing.
Please re-build my old website!

Restructuring a builders website

Ironically, one of the biggest problems with Rob’s old website was that it was poorly constructed. The structure of the pages was not clear to the visitor. It was really important to address this, as the viewer may have been left with the impression that there was less to see than there really was.

Unless you looked really hard and clicked on things that didn’t appear to be links, you’d be forgiven for thinking that the old website was only a few pages, when in fact there were many extra galleries and additional pages that could be viewed but were effectively hidden. This was a missed opportunity to showcase building projects to a potential new customer that could result in and hundreds of thousands of dollars in work.

Even if you did find a gallery, the images were too small and lacking in detail. There were also many good testimonials from Rob’s customers but these were not accessible from the main menu and the link to that page did not look like a link.

Being several years old, the website also needed to be upgraded to work well on smartphones and we also installed a new content manager so that they were able to add new pages and galleries showcasing their work.

We also added a navigation bar at the very top of the screen that remains in place no matter how long the pages are. Access to all the sections of the website is now much simpler, with the flexibility of drop down menus to link to sub sections of the website.

In the design of the homepage, we included a parallax image. This shows a house “behind” the main home page that moves up the screen at a slower speed to the main content. This give the illusion of depth and acts as an added point of interest.

Rob Littlejohn Builders website logo

Rob’s old website also had no logo on it and the logo that they had been using was confusing to the eye and displayed their company name rather than their brand. We simplified the logo for use on the website to strengthen their image and

Please re-build my old website!

The Old Rob Littlejohn Builders Website

If you’re interested in what the old website looked like, you can see it below. It was much smaller, and on modern screens, left a lot of white space to either side. The colours were completely wrong for their company image and much of the text that appeared on the website was not clearly defined as a link or just as content. You may also notice that there was no visible phone number on the home page.

You can visit the new Rob Littlejohn Builder website here.


Rob Littlejohn Builder - His old website was confusing to use and the visitor missed out on seeing a lot of content because the links weren't clear.

Rob Littlejohn Builder – His old website was confusing to use and the visitor missed out on seeing a lot of content because the links weren’t clear.

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