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Cruise Milford Tourism Website and SEO

We took Cruise Milford from total obscurity on Google to one of the highest ranking websites in their sector.

The Cruise Milford Sound website is one of the most challenging and interesting projects that we have worked on. As a new business operating in Milford Sound, they were up against well established competitors who had dominated the cruise business in Milford Sound (and New Zealand) for decades. They already had a website developed by a local IT company in Queenstown but it was performing so badly that there were a lot of empty seats on their cruises.

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Cruise Milford use an online booking service through RTBS. With their much higher website rankings, they are now taking most of their bookings using using this service. Read the testimonial below to hear what the owners have to say and please contact us if you would like help integrating online bookings into your website.

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What does the client think?

After several months of helping Cruise Milford improve their website rankings, develop new content and promote themselves on Google, we asked for a testimonial. Here is what Hamish Egerton, their Managing Director had to say…

I have just spent the last hour wandering around our website. I have to say that even after working with you on the early stages of set-up I am amazed every time I go on site. I seem to be forever finding something new and interesting. If you can keep me amused with a website about my own product it can only serve to be informative and interesting for our customers.

I also feel that the results you have delivered in such a short time are not just impressive but also have made this whole exercise far more than cost effective as the number of bookings coming though the website are many, many times more than the monthly investment.

Just for your info, over the last 3 weeks more than 50% of all our bookings have come direct to us from the website, of course this is not only a large number of clients but being direct bookings means they are at a rate 15 – 25% higher than those though our agents as there is no sales commission on these bookings.

All round, a huge success and a big thanks for all your hard work. I look forward to our upcoming projects and am excited to see what you can do with our other products.

Hamish Egerton
Managing Director
Cruise Milford

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