Bridgman Property Management website launched

Website for Bridgman Property Management Auckland

All your questions about property management are answered on Bridgman Property Management’s website

As someone who is interested in Property Investment themselves, I enjoyed building this recently-launched website for a boutique property manager in central Auckland called Bridgman Property Management.If you’re looking for a quality property manager in Central Auckland, who is really passionate about what they do, you can’t go past Barry Bridgman. He’s a property investor himself and has real “hands-on” experience of owning and managing rental properties of his own. Often, a “property manager” is some young person who has been employed by a real estate agency to manage something that they really have no personal experience in. What is the point of having someone managing your rental investment, who has never actually owned a property themselves?

If you’re a landlord, you can go to the website: and download a free e-book produced by Barry Bridgman to discover why property management so often ends in disaster. The potential costs are high, not just in the damage to your investment but in lost rent that can potentially lead to a mortgagee sale and put your other assets in danger. Not to mention the stress it can add to your life! I have seen it time and time again myself. A poorly managed property can turn what was considered an investment in a secure future, to a burden that just doesn’t seem worth the effort.

Bridgman Property Management have a number of advantages that not all property managers can offer.

  1. No commission on small property repairs
  2. Zero tolerance policy on late rental payments
  3. Full service to landlords without extra fees
  4. Experienced Property Manager with an outstanding track record
  5. Exclusive, personal service for landlords
  6. No conflicts of interest
  7. On call 24/7
  8. Focused on your profitability

This website was produced with a powerful content manager that allows Bridgman Property Management to upload website content as often as they wish to. There is also an automated upload from their “Palace” property management software that updates the property listings daily. Images are resized for them and old listings are removed.

As this is a new website and not a redesign of an existing one, ranking on search engines is important and we are also performing ongoing Internet Marketing and Search Engine Optimisation to compete with existing property managers in Auckland.  This is a very competitive area online, so I will be closely monitoring website rankings over the next few months.

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