How to change your Logo

A company logo is a big part of your brand and helps people recognize and remember you and what you stand for. However, there may come a time when changing your logo is inevitable, whether it is simply outdated, does not represent your company values anymore or whether it is part of a general rebranding strategy. Whatever the reason, changing your logo should never be taken lightly. There are several things to consider in order to avoid losing customers in the process.

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Explore your WHY

In order to develop the right marketing strategy for your new logo, you first need to be very clear about the reason for changing it in the first place. Have you expended, taken on new products or services that are not reflected in the old logo anymore? Is your current logo outdated or unsuitable to be used across multi-media advertising channels? Your why will not only help you sell the new logo to existing and potential new customers, it will also be helpful when designing a new logo and give you ideas of what you want to incorporate.

Decide on WHAT

Whatever your reason for changing your logo, this reason should be reflected in the new design. Whether it is a more digital-friendly version, an update on your products and services or a way to showcase your company’s modernized core values, consider how any of these can be incorporated into the new look. When creating a new logo, you should also have your long-term goals in mind as you want your logo to stick around for many years to come. Rebranding too often can result in a decrease of brand-awareness and customers losing trust in your company.

Check out the competition

You want your logo to be unique, reflecting the personality of your company. However, depending on your industry you may find it difficult to put everything you want into one little logo and still stand out from the crowd. It pays to check out what the competition is doing in order to avoid double-ups or similarities that will confuse your audience.

Know your audience

The better you know who you want your logo to attract, the better the design will be for your brand. Think about your ideal customer, their age and gender, lifestyle, shopping habits and personal needs. All of these things should influence the design of your new logo so your customers can identify and create a bond with the logo and ultimately your brand and company. A great way to make sure your audience is on board with the changes is to include them in the redesign. Ask them for feedback on how they perceive your company, what they value most and where they think change is most needed.

Keep it simple

The best logos of all times convey a strong message through very simple designs. Logos that are too complex or use too many different fonts, images and colours are harder to remember and will only create confusion among those looking at it. The clearer and cleaner your design, the more modern and organized the image of your brand will be.

Set your budget

Depending on the scale your business is operating on, changing a logo may not be cheap. Consider how urgent the redesign is and set aside a budget and a timeline. Keep in mind that you will want to use your logo across all advertising channels, from business cards and stationery to email signatures, websites, social media and more. Calling in an expert to help redesign your logo will ensure it looks perfect whether it is a tiny part of a letterhead or a full width website banner.

Get a new Logo

If you feel like it’s time to take a closer look at your company logo or you have already decided yours needs an overhaul, speak to the friendly team at Energise Web today.

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