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Smashed Pipi Cafe Bar

The new Smashed Pipi Cafe & Bar website.

The Smashed Pipi Cafe & Bar have been a presence in Mangawhai many years. Their old website went online back in 2004, right around the same time that Mark Zuckerberg was launching facebook. Back then, there were still a lot of people using much lower 800×600 resolution monitors on much slower internet connections, so the old website was built using low res graphics to only around 760 pixels wide to allow for this. There have been modifications along the way, including making the website content-managed but this year, it finally got a complete facelift!
Please re-design my old website!

We completely revamped the whole website by…

Getting with new technology

We extended the width of the website to allow for larger screen resolutions. There is nothing worse than a tiny old website surrounded by a sea of white space on a modern-day monitor. The beach background allows high res screens to display the website and still make it look attractive and user-friendly.

Not forgetting mobile users

Building the website to be responsive so that it can be easily viewed on any screen from a smartphone to a TV is really important now. There are so many different devices that users can access websites on that it must look good on all screens. Back when the old website was built, almost no one had mobile internet access.

Including social media

How many times do you login to facebook and see photos of your friends at a cafe, showing off their food or drinks? Integrating facebook plugins into the website and giving their facebook account it’s own dedicated page now allows Smashed Pipi to build their social media presence and easily keep the website updated at the same time.

Make getting in touch easy

If you’ve ever tried to call a business whose antique website doesn’t have a “push to call” button, you’ll know how frustrating it can be. Adding a “push to call” button so that smartphone users can make bookings right from their website avoids losing customers because of the “too hard” factor. Make it easy for your customers to contact you and you’ll find you get more business with less effort.

New funky website graphics

First impressions do count, so we updated the graphics to use a more modern, casual, scrapbook/beach design that doesn’t feel “boxy”. The new website is much more appealing than the old one, has a great fresh look that is inviting and encourages engagement with customers.

What did the old website look like?

Here is what the old website looked like. This is a full sized screenshot, so you can imagine what it looked like on a high-res monitor! There are lots of old websites out there that are desperately in need of a redesign. If you have one, or you know someone who does, please get in touch and we’ll help you out!
Please re-design my old website!

Smashed Pipi Old website needed a redesign

The Smashed Pipi Cafe & Bar old website was in dire need of a redesign!

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