screenshot showing google analytics tracking pie chart colors wrong

Google Analytics Tracking shows mixed up pie chart colours

If you’ve been confused by your Google Analytics tracking results recently, it might be that the colours on your charts are mixed up!

Pinterest search for disabled bath

How to use photos for online image marketing

A picture may be worth “a thousand words” and that’s never been more true on the internet. A potential customer who finds your picture can read your words with a click! This article explains how you can use image marketing online to lead people to your website.

Hand shake for business referral

How to give good business referrals, gain trust and respect

Have you ever had your time wasted by a bad business referral? Giving good business referrals is an art that you can get better at by following a few simple rules.

mind map for website development

6 New Years Resolutions for your Website

This blog covers 6 things that you NEED to take care of this year. If your website has been left uncared for, these online marketing tips will get it working again! You’ll be surprised how much better your website will perform if you make these changes.

Why article spinning could ruin your Google ranking

What is Article Spinning?

If you’ve been researching SEO techniques to improve your Google ranking, you may have heard of article spinning? This article explains what it is, how it works and the risks involved if you’re considering it as an option.

Advertising your website on the radio

How To Use Radio Advertising to Promote Your Website

Websites have a big advantage over other forms of traditional advertising. They’re visible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Of course that’s great if you have lots of people viewing your website but if you don’t, how can you use radio advertising to promote your website and market your product or service? Read on to find out more!

Cybersquatting: What to do if someone else owns your domain name

Sometimes, a web design client will want a domain name that someone else already owns. Usually, this is just bad luck and they have to register something else but every now and then, they have a real problem because it is owned by a competitor or a “cybersquatter” and is a name they have trademarked, their brand or something that they had previously owned. Perhaps they are being held to ransom by the current owner, de-famed or the new owner is taking business from them. What can they do?

Why Bartercard is a waste of time and money

Why Bartercard is a waste of time and money [warning]

Because Bartercard increases gross turnover, many business people take a long time to realise the tangible and intangible costs that go along with marketing in the barter economy. Like AMWAY, Bartercard proponents often ignore the bottom line and focus on all the extra “cashflow” they are getting. However, reality eventually sets in once they realise what the true costs are. Avoid the pain and read this article!

Older domain names rank higher on Google

Is domain name age important to Google?

There’s an ongoing debate about whether an old domain name is better than a new domain for website ranking. Domain names are expiring all the time. This article asks if greater domain name age is better for ranking your website higher on Google. There are advantages but also pitfalls for the unwary.

Website for Bridgman Property Management Auckland

Bridgman Property Management website launched

If you’re looking for a quality property manager in Central Auckland, you can’t go past Bridgman Property Management. They are a small operation with great service!

Their new website offers a wealth of information for both tenants and landlords both. Few property managers go to this much effort

Data Recover Virus alert window

I got hit with a Data Recovery virus today!

I have spent the last 3 hours identifying and removing a nasty little attacker called the S.M.A.R.T. Data Recovery Virus. It’s a very clever piece of software that will try to convince you that your hard drive is corrupt and encourage you to enter your credit card details to “register” it and “clean” your computer. Don’t fall for it! Here is what you can do to fix the problem. Do Not attempt yourself if you’re not sure what to do.


Smartphone Growth: Why your website needs to go mobile now!

According to a report by, something amazing happened in 2011. The number of smart phones sold was greater than the number of standard computers sold. They say that mobile device sales have only just begun to hit it’s growth phase and that in a few years, mobile devices will far, far outnumber PC’s.