Facebook business page upgrade March 2011

Last month, Facebook released a new business page layout that includes many new features. You have had the option to upgrade since Feb 10th but if you haven’t already, your page will be updated for you automatically on March 10th.

The new layout is much cleaner than the original and is a good step forward in making facebook business pages easier to use and more effective.

There is now a strip of photos above the wall posts. Not everyone will be grateful for this, but consider it a new opportunity to showcase what you do in a more visual way. If you’re a photographer, this is a huge bonus! The new photo viewer is also an upgrade on the previous way galleries were displayed.


There are no more tabs and navigation has been moved to the left side, just like your personal facebook profile.

You can now change the category of your page. A lot of business pages were set up in the wrong category due to the confusing process for creating them, so now’s your chance to fix any mistakes.

There is also and “Interact on Facebook as your page” option. If you select this option you can post on other facebook pages you have liked from your business page and also see posts from them in your news feed. After selecting this option, click on the “Home” button to see this. The first time you do, you’ll get a little “tour” to bring you up to speed.

Business pages can’t comment or Like personal pages and the search function on your business page only searches for other business pages, not personal profiles.

Because personal and business pages now have more separation, you can also post on your business page from your personal profile instead of as the business. Great if you want to tell yourself how awesome you are!

You can now receive email updates about activity on your business page – before now, if you didn’t check , the only way you knew would be with the weekly reports. You can opt in to notifications about comments on your page. It’s a good idea to as it lets you be more connected to your customers and attend to any comlaints faster. I knew of a business in Auckland that had 6 months worth of bad reviews on their facebook page that they didn’t know was there!

Some other changes…

Profile pictures have been reduced in size, so you may need to update yours if it looks blurry.

The info box below the business page picture is now gone and is on the info page.
Admins can be featured on your business page
You can choose to select featured pages or let them rotate as they did before.

These features will make facebook much easier to use for people who used to struggle navigating their way between their personal profile and their business page. Try it out and see what you think. Facebook is only getting bigger so keep those pages updated!

Overview of Main Features

Show the top posts on your Wall

  • You can choose to show posts only from your Page or from everyone. When viewing posts from everyone, people will be able to filter by top posts, which puts the most interesting stories first, or by most recent, which shows activity in chronological order.
  • To set a default filter for your Wall, go to Edit Page.

Use Facebook as your page

  • You now have the flexibility to interact with the other areas of Facebook as a page.
  • Get notifications when fans interact with your page or posts
  • See activity from the Pages you like in your news feed
  • Like other pages and feature them on your page
  • Make comments as your page on other pages
  • To try this new feature, you go to Account and select “Use Facebook as Page”.

New settings

  • You can set defaults for your email notifications and how you post to your page – as yourself or your page. You can also select which featured pages appear in the left column.
  • To manage your settings for email and posting preferences, go to Edit Page and Your Settings. To select which pages appear in Likes, go to Edit Page and Featured.

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