Facebook spams, scams and viruses

The latest Facebook nasty has the title of: “WOAH!!…You really have to see this,finally a simple way to see who views your facebook profile.”

Do you remember the old saying, “Curiosity killed the cat”? In this case, it’s; “Curiosity spread a facebook scam to all my friends”!  This is a dangerous facebook application that encourages users to sign up for expensive mobile services and to spam their friends with the same link that says it can show you a list of people who are visiting your profile. It even tries to get users to disable their ad-blocking software!

If you click on the link, it takes you to another websites that  faces the facebook web pages design. Most people will be sucked in because they don’t notice that the URL (website address) has changed. It will probably be based in a country that has slack internet policing like India, Russia or parts of Eastern Europe. The annoying thing is that this sort of scam has been going on for quite some time. It pops up under different titles and promotions but it’s the same old scam that has been around on facebook since the middle of 2010. The people behind this particular virus, use the “Profile Spy” logo. It looks like a professional set-up and it is; they make a fortune out of this scam!

profile spy logo facebook scam

The logo that usually appears on the fake facebook page

The victims of this scam are duped into signing up for the Profile Spy facebook application and told that they need to like and share it with all their friends. After they spam everyone with this nasty link, they have to take a survey where Profile Spy gather further information and eventually (it’s a long survey!), they hit you with a request for your cellphone number, which allows them to bill you for $9.99 per month. I guess they figure that by the time you’ve got to that point, they’ve worn you out enough that you’d hand over your first born child with keys to your car!

Don’t under estimate this scam or think you’re the only one who got sucked in. Back in 2010, it pulled in over 30,000 users who either clicked on like or share. It is also seen on Twitter and other social media platforms. The whole basis of the “view your visitors” application is against facebooks terms of service. Would you really want anyone to know you’d been looking at their profile? Anything that offers this kind of ability on facebook or most other social media tools is a SCAM. Beware! If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

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