Google Analytics Tracking shows mixed up pie chart colours

screenshot showing google analytics tracking pie chart colors wrong

Compare the small pie colours in the top left of the image to the large ones at the bottom – click image to enlarge

If you’ve had problems reading your Google Analytics tracking results recently, you’re not the only one. I’ve been trying to break down the results for a website that has seen a nice increase in traffic after some SEO work, and it looks like Google Analytics has some of their colours mixed up.

The image to the right (click it to enlarge) shows a screenshot of a website showing an increasing number of visits over a period of a few months. I have used advanced segmentation to display separate graphs for search traffic, referral traffic and direct traffic. For those unfamilar with Google Analytics;

Search Traffic: Visits from people who have found your website searching on Google, Bing etc.
Referral Traffic: Visits from people who have click on a link to your website from another website.
Direct Traffic: Visits from people who have typed your address in directly, clicked from a bookmark or other links where the referrer is unknown, such as an email, pdf/Word document.

On this site, we’ve been working on raising search engine rank and the increase in direct traffic, is probably from links in documents that we have sent out to people who use the website.

However, the labels and colours in the small pie charts in the top left don’t match the colours and labels of the large coloured circles below the graph. To cut a long story short, it looks like the top left pie charts and the graph colours and labels are correct. The large circles at the bottom are mis-labelled. The colours should be as follows;

Search Traffic: Green
Referral Traffic: Orange
Direct Traffic: Blue

Hopefully Google will correct this soon as it’s a little confusing!

If you’re not yet using Google Analtyics tracking on your website, ask your web designer if they can install it for you. I find it invaluable for understanding what is and isn’t working on my clients’ websites. It assists with search engine optimisation and allows me to pull out detailed information that we can act on to make a real difference to visitor numbers and consequently, the clients’ income.

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