8 Ways To Grow Your Newsletter Subscriber Numbers

newsletter subscriber numbersThese days, simply having an opt-in form on your website isn’t going to be enough to build a large subscriber list. You will get the occasional subscriber here and there, but if you want to aggressively build your list consider the following eight tips to increase your subscriber numbers:

1. Use QR Codes

QR stands for Quick Response and these Codes are a new way to engage the smartphone market. These barcode-like symbols are scanned with your phone and, if the information in the symbol includes a URL, the web page will open directly on the person’s smartphone.

QR codes are increasingly useful as they can be distributed anywhere, such as on business cards, postcards and even more unique methods of advertising like temporary tattoos or stickers.

2. Make it as easy as possible to enter an email address

Many sign up boxes come pre-filled with instructions, such as ‘Enter Your Email Address’. Make sure that text disappears the moment someone clicks in that input field. A little extra code is all it takes to make signup as efficient as possible. In many cases, if the text stays in the input field, submissions are rejected by the autoresponder because it reads “Enter Your Email Address joebloggs@example.com”.

3. Include an opt-in form after each blog post

By placing the opt-in form at the bottom of every blog post you will catch your visitor at the right time – immediately after they finish reading your content. If they felt your content added value they will be more likely to continue to engage with your content.

4. Promote your newsletter via social media.

For a time, a social media presence for a business was a choice. Today, it is vitally important. Utilise your audience to attract newsletter subscribers. It is highly unlikely that every user who follows your twitter and facebook page is also a newsletter subscriber, making this an easy way to build your subscriber list.

If someone has “Liked” your Facebook page or is following your Twitter account then there is already an established relationship. Encourage them to join your newsletter by sending out frequent posts welcoming them to subscribe by highlighting the benefits of your newsletter. Additionally, add a ‘Sign up!’ button to the top of your Facebook page.

5. Prominently Display Testimonials

People won’t give their hard-earned money or email address to simply anyone. They want to know you’re on the up and up and what your company stands for. Offering testimonials on the landing page helps build trust from the first, and once your site visitors are engaged with your brand, they will be more likely to become subscribers and share your content with others.

6. Add Opt-in Link to Your Email Signature

In any given day, think how many emails you send. Is it close to ten? Twenty? Or even more? Each of those emails is an opportunity to reach more and more potential subscribers. By placing a hyperlinked CTA (call to action) in your email signature, you have the ability to turn every recipient into a subscriber.

7. Put Your Best Offer on Your Homepage

To encourage email signups, show the value of being an email subscriber on the homepage of your blog. The main focus should be on your opt-in box with a starter offer for new site visitors.
Place the links to the other areas of your site below the fold, so that readers won’t see them unless they scroll down the page.

8. Add Content Upgrades to Blog Posts

Content upgrades are another way to grow your subscriber list. The principle is the same as for any opt-in form: give away free material (a lead magnet) such as a starter kit for the most important content on your site and get your visitors’ email addresses in return.

Place a link to your bonus content with a call to action in your article and wrap it with an eye-catching box. When readers click the link, a pop-up box appears, asking for their email address to get the bonus material.

Keep it simple

Navigating the world of online marketing can be a challenge. But as you can see there are practical ways to grow your subscriber list immediately without complicating the process for your customers.


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