How to use Hashtags successfully

how to Hashtag successfully

Most online users know what hashtags are but are rather clueless when it comes to using them efficiently to promote themselves, their business, product or service. With the right strategy, hashtags can help you build your audience, attract new customers and grow your brand.

How big should my logo be?

Big neon Hard Rock Cafe logo

When designing websites for our clients, we are often asked to “make the logo bigger”. But is this a good idea? Consider the purpose of a logo on your website. Is bigger really better?

Email hacked? How to prevent email spoofing

email spoofing

Has your email been hacked? Are you receiving emails that seem to come from you but aren’t? Or worse, are your clients receiving scam emails sent from you? Email spoofing is more common than you think. Find out what email spoofing is and how you can prevent it.

Why understanding your audience is important

Understanding your Audience

The right kind of advertising can either make or break a company, as it leaves potential customers either highly satisfied – or repulsed

How to Choose a Good SEO in NZ

SEO in New Zealand

In short, your SEO strategy results in where you will appear in search engines such as Google, Bing or Yahoo when potential clients are searching.

The best April Fools’ Jokes

Onion Dip Ice Cream

Some jokes are easily spotted, while others are so well done that even their makers are unsure at the end of the day whether there might be a grain of truth in it. Here is a list of the best April Fools’ Jokes of 2019.

How much text should you have on a web page?

how much text

Providing the right amount of content on your web page can tricky. You’re trying to attract potential customers by providing valuable information without overwhelming them.

Business Networking: Why you should be an advocate for your clients

Advocate for your clients

Become an advocate for your clients rather than just the guy who talked them into buying a car that is way too big or a vacuum cleaner that blew the budget

Best Trump Parody Websites

Donald Trump Parody

President Trump constantly provide Satirists with perfect material to nourish a world starved of humour. Here is our pick of the best Trump parody websites.

GST on Google Ads & the “Amazon Tax”

Google and GST

Starting in October 2019, international companies like Amazon will have to register with IRD and collect GST from Kiwis at the point of sale.