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When someone searches on Google, the keywords that they type into the search bar trigger your adverts only if they use specific words or phrases we want your business to be found for. We create adverts for these keywords and direct people who click on them to a page of your choice. By doing this, we are marketing your business to people we know are already interested in what you do and we can show them exactly what you want them to see.

This may be a special offer, specific information, a product – anything you want to promote! We can target people in specific areas or even other countries to get the right people clicking on the products that are most profitable for your business.

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7 Reasons To Choose Google Ads

Your website probably already appears somewhere in a Google search. But is it where you want it to be? Does it appear for the kind of searches you want to show up for? Google Ads is a “short-cut” to getting results. It allows you to compete with other companies that may be more established than you to maintain your market share in the face of fierce competition.

1. Get More Visits – 64.6% of searches result in a click on a Google Ad for high commercial intent searches.

2. More Insight – Unlike radio or print advertising, you’ll know exactly how many visits your website got from Google Ads.

3. It’s Where People Go – Over 90% of website visits from search engines come from Google.

4. Flexible Budgets – We can tailor an ads budget to suit you and spend as little as a few cents per click.

5. Top Of The Class – Your ads can appear at the top of the search results above the free listings.

6. Keyword Targeting – You want to be found for this search but not that search? No problem, we can do that.

7. Monthly Reports – We report to you monthly on how many clicks you’re getting, what the searches were and how many visitors turned into potential customers.

How Google Ads Work

Google Ads can be used in many different ways. Here are three ways that we can promote your business or organisation through Google;

Google Search Ads

Search Ads appear when someone uses Google to search for something. You may have noticed them at the top of your search results. We create a Google Ads campaign that targets a particular area, such as your town, region or country and then develop adverts that appear for certain types of keyword searches. We then bid against other advertisers for your adverts to appear. You pay per click, so it’s important that we monitor your results to ensure you’re paying for the right kind of clicks!

Google Display Ads

Display Ads are banner images that appear on websites that people who may be interested in your products or services visit. You can show viewers something that they didn’t know they were looking for but now need! How do we do this? Demographics targeting based on location, age, gender and interests. If you have a business selling blue widgets, we can display your ads to people interested in collecting blue widgets. That simple!

Google Shopping Ads

If you run an online shop, Google Shopping Ads can be a game-changer! We can boost the number of website visits to your online shop by displaying your products for a Google search. To get your products online, we need to set up a feed from your website to Google and ensure that your shop is set up in the right way. Then we need to ensure that you’re not appearing on websites you don’t want to with regular monitoring.

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Google Ads Management

Google Ads is an excellent way of increasing the number of visitors to your website in a way that allows you to control your budget. Let us show you how to effectively manage the type of searches your adverts appear for and even how and where your adverts show.

Let us build Google Ads campaigns that drive traffic to your website. These have a higher chance of converting into qualified leads and sales for your business.

Energise Web have years of experience in creating, managing and reporting on Google Ads campaigns for our clients. Through your Google Analytics account, you can measure clicks to a contact page, quote requests and online sales. Try doing that with a newspaper or radio advert!

Can I DIY Google Ads?

Our Google Ads management service will allow you to get the best out of Google Ads. We see so many people try and run their own Google Ads campaigns and give up in disgust because all they seem to be doing is throwing money away. The effectiveness of our campaigns has been proven.

We develop Google advertising that works. But don’t take our word for it! Integrating our Google Ads campaigns with your Google Analytics means you can see instantly exactly how many clicks have created measurable results.

Google Ads is a highly effective way of marketing your business online if your campaigns are correctly set up. If not, you’ll be marketing to the wrong people, in the wrong country and paying for the wrong type of searches. We specialise in the setup and transparent management of your entire Google Ads campaign for you. Contact us today!

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