6 alternative ways to promote your website offline

promote website offlineIn today’s digital age it is absolutely essential to have a strong online presence to market your business and keep up with your competition. However, aside from social media and online shopping, there are still plenty of people out there who do not spend the majority of their day on a device. Part of your audience still believes in that personal touch and is longing to build that special relationship where they feel connected on a more intimate level.

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Ignoring or neglecting potential customers that prefer communicating with or learning about a business offline can have a significant impact on your revenue. Studies have shown that 67% of people conducting an online search are doing so because they were influenced by offline channels. Furthermore, 39% of those people ultimately end up making a purchase.

A good marketing strategy will balance your business presence online and offline. And while business cards, promotional flyers and signage are common offline marketing tools, it doesn’t have to end there. When it comes to promoting your business and your website away from the world wide web, your own creativity is your only limit. We have compiled a list of less conventional offline marketing ideas that will definitely get people talking about you.

1. Competition time

Most people love to enter competitions and contests, especially if there is a prize to be won at the end. The bonus? Instant interaction between you and potential customers. Depending on your industry and your target audience, have a think about what kind of competition would be most appealing and choose a suitable prize pack. Are you wanting to engage families with young children? Run a colouring competition and give away arts and craft supplies or a family ticket to a local attraction.

2. Treasure hunts

Treasure or scavenger hunts are the perfect way to combine the use of your online channels with offline experiences for your audience. Send participants around town giving them specified clues via your social media accounts, your website or a mobile app if you have one. By doing so, they can uncover a storyline such as the history of your business, explaining how they can benefit from your services and products or generally learn more about the industry you are in. Make sure to hide a prize suitable to the hunt to encourage more people to join the fun.

3. Geocaching

Similar to a treasure hunt, geocaching requires the use of a GPS-enabled device. Participants have to navigate their way to a specific set of GPS coordinates as fast as possible and find the hidden geocache (container). Geocaching has gained extreme popularity in the last few years with now more than 15 million users worldwide.

4. Hoaxes

Who doesn’t like a good joke on April Fool’s Day? Plenty of businesses around the world use the day for so-called Hoax Marketing, pranking their audience with something funny, hilarious or comical and hoping it spreads like wildfire, creating free word of mouth advertising.

5. Crop circles

Why not use mother nature as your very own billboard? Crop circles have reportedly been around for centuries. Up to this day, the unusual patterns in a crop field spark people’s interest and often make for interesting storylines and myths. Pairing a crop circle with your business URL is not only free advertising but will surely get people talking. Hot tip: Ask the farmer first!

6. Publicity stunts

Have you ever heard of Guerilla Marketing? It encompasses anything that leaves people guessing whether there is marketing happening or not. Many big international brands have successfully run offline campaigns that left people in awe, and these campaigns can often be tweaked to suit your industry and your community. Why not organise a flash mob in the middle of the city or turn your local street into a piece of temporary art? Festive occasions such as Halloween are the perfect opportunities to go a little crazy, attract attention and draw curious crowds towards your business.

Do you need help promoting your business online or offline or would you like to find out more about how to maximise your website potential? Give the friendly team at Energise Web a call today and we can take a look at what your website needs to get you noticed.

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