How To Promote Your Website Offline

street signsHaving a website may be the easiest way to promote your business to a broad audience worldwide. However, even in the age of digital technology, offline promotion is not to be underrated, let alone to be forgotten. Simply hoping that people will find your website through search engines is naïve and can cost you plenty of revenue. The following tips will help promote your website offline, creating ample opportunities to spread the word about your business and ultimately increase your sales.

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Business Cards

They’re the oldest form of advertising. Originally designed to announce the arrival of someone from the aristocracy, business cards have been around since the 17th century. Nowadays, they are the prime marketing tool to promote your business offline, with endless opportunities. In addition to displaying your company name, logo and any important contact numbers, it’s essential that you also include your email address and website URL.
Especially younger people prefer writing emails over making phone calls, and having a website address gives potential clients the chance to visit you whenever they feel you could provide a solution to their problem.

Vehicle Signage

Especially if you run a local business, your car is like a mobile billboard waiting to do business for you. Whether you opt for a simple sticker in the rear window or want to go all out with a full car wrap, companies like Whangarei based D & D Signs have the technology and cutting edge designs to transform your vehicle into a cost-effective marketing tool, advertising your company every time you drive past someone.
Adding your online contact details such as email and website URL might not seem particularly important, considering the speedy motion while driving. However, plenty of people will take pictures of vehicle signage if they spot a business of interest, to keep the information for later use.

Street signs

Whether foot traffic plays an important role in your everyday business will mostly rely on the industry you work in and your location. In retail and hospitality, walk-in customers are just as important as ever, and the right street signage will help increase the turnover from potential customers to buying ones. And even here, your business website should be present and clearly visible. It may stay in the back of someone’s mind who, at the time of passing by your shop, wasn’t quite ready to purchase. Furthermore, past customers may remember your online details and use them in Google reviews or social media posts.

Building Signage

Similar to street signs, the right building signage can attract more foot traffic and help potential and current customers retain your business details. Including all contact details, including your online presence, enables passing people to take a quick snapshot and recall the info at a later time.


Placed in the middle of town or along busy roads, billboards offer plenty of space to advertise your company, products and services to passing pedestrians and drivers. It’s important to have an easy-to-remember website URL which reflects your company name or brand. Placing your website details along with an eye-catching slogan or message onto the billboard will allow people to remember it for when they need you.

Promotional Items

Everyday items such as pens and keyrings are the most constant reminders of your company as well as the products and services you offer. Displaying your website here will dramatically increase the chances of potential clients looking you up online because you are repeatedly right in front of their eyes. However, before deciding on the kind of giveaway, research your target audience and their habits. Would stationery items be the better choice? Or is your brand more likely to be noticed on mousepads, bumper stickers or t-shirts?

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