Create A Killer FAQs Page [How To Guide]

Frequently asked questions FAQHow To Create A Killer FAQs Page

Most FAQ pages are designed to take the load of customer service teams, reduce the number of complaints a company receives and to provide useful information to potential customers and clients. They are a quick and easy way to bundle questions or concerns, and if used appropriately, can help establish you as a leader in the industry and ultimately boost your sales.

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What does FAQ mean?

FAQ stands for “Frequently Asked Questions”. Other than your About Us page, the FAQ page should not so much deal with your business story or services. Instead, its purpose is to focus on providing your customers with additional information that helps them decide whether what you have to offer is relevant for them.

At best the FAQ page takes away potential doubts, helps create trusting relationships and turns potential clients into paying customers. The FAQ section of your website is also a great way to establish yourself as a leader or authority within your industry, showing off your know-how and expertise.

How to optimize your FAQ page

As with anything online, there are Dos and Don’ts around your FAQ page. With the right content and strategy, you can maximize the potential and value this section will add to your business. Basic information such as business hours, prices or shipping methods is a good starting point, but it will not be sufficient enough to reap potential benefits for your business. Here are a few tips on how to optimize your FAQ page.

Address needs

Visitors that come to your website obviously have an initial need for whatever product or service you have to offer. Your FAQ page should address those needs and provide sufficient evidence and reason why you are the best point of contact or solution to their problem. Put yourself into your customers’ shoes to figure out what they might want to know. High-quality content and honest, accurate information will help your visitors overcome objections and help you to earn their trust.

Be specific

Make sure your FAQ section is tailored to your customers’ needs and not just general advice. You want to stand out among the competition and show that you are the expert. If it suits your niche, you can compare yourself to other brands on the market and explain what makes your product or service unique. Emphasize the benefits of your offering and how they add value to someone else’s life.

Make it readable

Your readers visit your FAQ page for answers and solutions, so it’s important they easily find what they’re looking for. Organize sets of questions according to relevance, topics, categories or product and service. Use visual aids such as headlines, sub-headings and short paragraphs to take your visitors straight to the point. Alternatively, you can link answers to new pages or blog posts within your website.

Stay up to date

The beauty about your FAQ section is that it can be updated and added to at any time. Perfect opportunities are product launches, company updates and client feedback. This will not only help with your customer relationships as you show that you value their input. As you add new content, your FAQ page will also increase your chances of being found by search engines.

Add links

Visitors of your website will most likely click on your FAQ page to learn more about your products or services, why doing business with you would be beneficial for them and to see if their doubts or suspicions are validated or rebutted. When answering potential questions your visitors might have, it pays to link back to your products or services pages to offer more information. This also helps with your internal linking and SEO strategy.

Use keywords

Because FAQ pages are generally loaded with relevant information, they can really help you boost your SEO campaign. With the right keywords that potential customers would be looking for and keyword-rich content your FAQ page is more likely to be found. The first point of contact brings you one step closer to increasing your sales.

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