Website Design FAQs

Will we own the web site after it’s designed?

Yes, you own the final version of your web site. There may be third party services such as facebook plug-ins or Google Analytics that are not owned by you.

Can you get us a first page ranking on Google?

Sure can! Some keywords are more difficult than others to rank highly for. It depends on the industry. However, many of our clients have top-ranking websites already. Ask us for more information about Search Engine Optimisation.

Can you host our site as well?

Yes, we host most of the websites that we design on our super-fast cloud server, which allows us to offer you more services, have control over the server and resolve problems quickly.

Can you maintain our web site for us?

Yes we can update your website for you but if you want to edit web page text yourself, we think that our content manager is so simple to use that you can update the site easily yourself!

Can I upload photos to a gallery?

Yes you can. The images are even resized for you as you upload them. You can also upload files such as PDF documents so that viewers can download them and insert links to other websites as well.

I need to register another domain name. Can I point this to our site as well?

Yes you can. You can register as many domain names as you like and point them all to the same website.


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