Email Marketing At Christmas

xmas email marketing tipsEmail marketing leading up to Christmas is a great way to create planned purchases in your customers’ minds before the real Xmas rush starts. Many businesses rely on Christmas sales to make their businesses profitable, and with increased competition from online shops, cost-effective marketing is more important than ever. here’s a few email marketing tips to make your Xmas sales as profitable as possible!

“For many businesses, the holidays can be a make-or-break time of year, with up to half of their yearly sales coming during November and December,” said Dan Forootan, president of StreamSend Email Marketing. “Recognizing the importance of this period, we work hard with clients to help them use a balance of email and social and smart techniques that let them best connect with customers looking to buy during the holiday season. Here are some steps to make the holidays a time for businesses to celebrate this year.”

Make your email marketing simple

Don’t send long waffly emails that few people will ever read. You’ll always get appreciation from “Doris”, who has nothing better to do but for most people, Xmas is a busier time than ever. Make your email promotions, short, punchy and present a clear offer that the reader can make a quick decision on.

Be mobile friendly!

More people than ever are checking their email on a smartphone or tablet of some kind. Check that your email marketing offers a mobile-friendly option that they can view.  You will lose readers if they can’t read your email easily the first time!

Use Social Media

As part of your email marketing campaigns, include a social bar to allow your readers to share your promotion with their friends! You might send an email to one person but they have many friends who didn’t receive it. Share your promotions on Facebook or pin great images to Pinterest boards.

Use Local Business Support

You might be part of a business network such as the local Chamber of Commerce. Use their email marketing lists to get your promotions further afield. Building local relationships is essential to getting the most from your email marketing.

Offer a Sweetener

People love a bargain and at Xmas time, when money is spread thinly, it feels good to get “20% off” or “a this if you buy that”. Consider free shipping, gift wrapping or Xmas gift cards.

Schedule follow up emails

Setting emails to be sent at future dates allows you to offer “fries with that”. If someone took advantage of an earlier offer, you could offer them a discounted add-on or for those that didn’t purchase, remind them that they can now get the original offer and the add-on for an even better deal! This will help to motivate the fence-sitters to take action.

If you use your imagination, there are many ways that you can use email marketing to set yourself up for a great Xmas sales period. Ensuring that you’re building your relationship with your subscribers requires regular, valued contact.



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