Benefits of Using Google Workspace

Benefits of Using Google Workspace

Google’s Workspace is an intuitive set of applications that are not only easy to set up but simple to work with

I think you will agree with us when we say that finding one suite to manage all of your business tasks online is impossible.

Or is it?

As it turns out, you can dramatically increase your team’s productivity by connecting online with the use of one all-inclusive package.

Get on Google Workspace

In this blog we’ll show you how to harness the full potential of Google Workspace, an intuitive set of applications that are not only easy to set up but simple to work with.

Bring your team together: connect ideas across departments

It’s a typical Tuesday morning. You’ve caught up on the backlog from last week and are ready to get started on the week ahead. You sent out a memo on Friday asking for feedback from various staff and are now staring down the barrel of twenty five replies, all in separate emails. How can you even tell which information is the most important?

One key benefit of Workspace is having one centralized document that can be added to and edited by all employees with permission. Imagine the simplicity of having one spreadsheet or plain document where everyone can put their ideas and read those of others in real time. You could flick through it in minutes on your phone over coffee.

The use of interactive documents means staff can add their comments and ideas then pass the document on to the next in line, sparing everyone a series of convoluted emails. You have one document where all changes can be tracked easily. That’s better, right?

Not to mention dedicated email addresses for your team with your company’s name but powered by Gmail. Now you all have access to GChat and can keep each other up to date via instant message in a group chat rather than one long string of emails.

But where to keep your documents? How about 30 GB storage that you can use for file storage and sharing, online calendars, spreadsheets, slides, text documents, and more.

Best of all, these great features all include admin controls so you can decide who sees what, where and when.

So what else do you get with Workspace?

Plain docs, spreadsheets and presentations: it’s all here

Let’s break down what you can do with word processing here:

Google Docs
Google Docs is a word processor that allows you to not only create immaculate documents, you can also share your documents with others to edit, view and leave comments. The best part? Anything you create is saved automatically in real time. No more lost changes.
Easiest of all, it’s collaborative. Want two or more people working in the same document at the same time? No problem. Anyone collaborating can see changes the moment they are made.

Google Sheets
Sheets are spreadsheets like excel. Though Sheets doesn’t do absolutely everything excel does, it comes close. The same applies here with saving in real time. And, as with all the Workspace applications, they all are accessible on multiple devices, including your smartphone so you can make changes from anywhere.

Google Slides
Slides are comparable to PowerPoint. How convenient would it be to work on a presentation on the train on the way to work AND have another person give feedback instantaneously?

The Drive: Secure storage with access for everyone

The drive is a place where you can create folders and store all of the work you created with the above apps. And, once again, everything is accessible through multiple devices. If you’re on the go and need that important document just pull out your phone or mobile device, sign into your google account, and every document that you have saved will be at your fingertips. Need dedicated drives for the Marketing team, or a file solely for the use of management? Look no further. You decide who has access. You can grant permissions for only one document for the entire folder. You’ll even be notified if someone tries to access the file without permission!

Co-ordinate team effort with a live calendar

Using a calendar to keep up with appointments and schedules couldn’t be easier than with Google Calendar. It links up with your Gmail and that of the whole team, it’s accessible across all devices so you can update on the go, attach related documents, location maps and directions.

Workspace has become a vital tool for Energise Web.
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