How to Create a Killer “About Us” Page

What would you like your first visitor’s experience with your website to be?
What would their first opinion of your business be?
Should it be more official?
Or more friendly and effortless to establish a closer connection with your visitors?
Ideaware picked the second option, and they absolutely nailed it.

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After clicking on the link, you immediately get introduced to the company’s team and, most importantly, their CEO, who shares the company’s main mission in relation to their customer.

For those, who want to learn more about how the company was established, Ideaware prepared a brief informative timeline as well as other company information, like the number of employees and even lines of code (to showcase their vast experience). You can try building your own timeline using a timeline creator.


Ideaware also made sure to have the link to their “About Us” page appear in the Google search for quicker access.


This shows that this is the company that understands the value of the “About Us” page very well to make it benefit their business.

Do you know what benefits the “About Us” page brings you?

First of all, it’s all about your new visitors. Imagine yourself being a person who’s been introduced to a business for the very first time. Where would you go? You would start looking for information about the company on its website, so, naturally, the company’s “About Us” page would be your first reference.

Second of all, it’s your opportunity to show and explain your uniqueness. Surely, there are tons of companies, like Ideaware, that do IT staff augmentation services, but they all have some qualities that differentiate them from others. Ideaware used its dedication to finding UI/UX design talent as the main feature of its “About Us” page. What would be your distinctive feature? Build your “About Us” page around it.

And, finally, it creates a solid foundation for your brand’s image. On your “About Us” page, you can use any method that, in your opinion, creates a solid representation of your brand.

What are these methods that can help you create a killer “About Us” page?

Let’s take a look.

Try Storytelling Format

Every company has its own way of telling its story. MOZ, for instance, has broken all the journey into meaningful chapters that defined specific changes in the company’s growth.


The format of your “About Us” page really matters when it comes to forming the first impression of your company. With storytelling format, however, you’ll always hit the bull’s eye.

Did you know that storytelling can help make your brand 22 times more memorable?

Research published by Quantified Communications has shown that storytelling has a more substantial effect on a customer, when they form their first impression about a brand, as stories:

  • instantly engage the customer’s emotions
  • represent your brand in a unique way

As a result, according to this research, the emotional and informational components of storytelling create a unique blend, which makes your brand 22 more memorable, rather than sharing dry facts and numbers.

Of course, the way you apply storytelling also matters for the success of your “About Us” page. There should be a certain structure, which you should follow to make your story more consistent.

Here’s an example of an outline of a story-telling “About Us” page:

Step #1: What’s your mission?

By answering this question, you’re setting the tone for your “About Us” page and sharing your vision and company values.

Step #2: What inspired you to create your business?

Start telling, what was the initial push that inspired you to create the concept of your brand.

Step #3: How did you tackle the challenge?

Don’t shy away from telling all about the main challenges that appeared in your way of creating your business and how these challenges defined your brand.

Step #4: What’s going on now?

Here, you can tell more about what your company is working on now, how many people work for you, etc.

Step #5: What is your vision for the future?

Share a hint at your future goals and missions. Don’t forget to acknowledge your customer’s contribution to achieving everything that you’re planning on in the future.

You can work on creating your own template for the “About Us” page or contact us about our copywriting services. Outsourcing the task of writing an “About Us” page (and the rest of your website) can help you elaborate on a unique outline that best represents your business and your goal in the eyes of your customers.

Introduce Your Talent

Along with the description of your brand in textual format, you can tell the story of your business with visuals. Salem Town Board Co., for instance, took their “About Us” page to another level by adding a behind-the-scenes video:

Salem Town Board Co.

Visuals have a great quality of sticking in our memory for a long time. Combined with storytelling (which already makes your brand 22 times more memorable), this is a great combination to make your “About Us” page more engaging.

According to research, visuals are memorable than text, as they make it easier for our brain to process information, thus, helping us to memorize it better.

You can combine both videos and photos and use them to accompany the text on your “About Us” page to make them complete your story, just as Salem Town Board Co. did for their “About Us” page:

Salem Town Board Co.

Here’s why it works.

Salem Town Board Co. decided to show the behind-the-scenes of skating board production for a reason. While they are thinking about their customers and creating a high-quality end product for them, they also show genuine care for their employees and the effort they contribute to making the product that customers enjoy so much.

Show That You Know Your Audience

Of course, what can guide you in creating a killer “About Us” page better than thinking about your audience?

You can definitely tell that the audience is what guided Nike when they created their “About Us” page:


This slogan, along with its mission and brand story, creates the image that we know Nike by, that is, inspiring everyone, no matter who they are, to build a strong, healthy body.

Building a killer “About Us” page means that you know what your visitors want from your website. The intentions of your visitors should go into creating the outline of the page and should impact the structure of how the page will look, as a result. After all, they are the audience for whom you’re creating this page in the first place.

Things to Avoid

There are certain don’ts that you need to take into account when working on your “About Us” page. They may have a negative impact on the first impression of your brand, cause misunderstandings, and even hurt your brand’s image.

  • Lack of SEO optimization: we all know that quality content is important for good Google search results. Good, but not enough. Your “About Us” page is as important as any other content on your website. So, taking into account search intent (for instance, making sure that your “About Us” page appears in the search results), when optimizing the keywords, or doing mobile optimization is equally as important for your “About Us” page.
  • Lack of proper editing and proofreading: ensuring that your text is readable and mistake-free is one of the most responsible tasks. And since your “About Us” page plays an important role in forming the first impression about your brand, make sure that you employ all the best tools, like Grammarly to properly edit and proofread your story.
  • Doing hard sell: your “About Us” page is not the place where you should impose pressure on your visitors to buy your product. It’s merely space for you to tell your story in a creative way rather than an opportunity for a sales pitch. A well-told story will do the job for you.
    Avoid the hype in your “About Us page” as well, there are other channels for that. Remember that this page exists to build a connection with your visitors and ensure that they understand your message and your brand’s vision.

It’s All About You, After All

Ideaware, MOZ, Salem Town Board Co, Nike. All companies that we introduced in this article, absolutely nailed their “About Us” pages, and you have a lot to learn from them.

The way you tell your story matters. Don’t be afraid to share the challenges you went through, let your visitors take a quick look at the behind-the-scenes of making your product, and show that you’re doing it with your audience in mind.

Make it personal.

After all, your “About Us” page is about you and your brand. Show how unique you are and why your brand’s message is worth the attention of your audience.

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