Should your business be using a live chat software?

chat softwareIf you have a business website that is offering products or services online, adding a software that allows potential customers to get in touch at any time via live chat can drastically enhance user experience, thus strengthening relationships with your audience and ultimately increasing revenue. However, choosing a software that is perfect for your business needs can be tricky among the vast majority of programs on offer.

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How live chats work

Live chats allow users to interact with a business in real-time on any digital platform such as computer, laptop or mobile phone as long as there is an internet connection. Usually, a live chat software is integrated in your website as a pop-up window offering any user to type a question or choose from a pre-set menu to get in touch. At the same time, the person manning the chat is able to see who is surfing the website and can approach them with a question or a suggestion at any given time.

Depending on the software, live chats can also include tools and add-ons such as chatbots for more simple enquiries, automated messages to start the conversation with users at certain stages of their browsing journey or sending out standardised emails during the actual chat experience.


Ultimately, a live chat will take your customer service to the next level. In addition to face-to-face, email or over-the-phone interaction with potential customers and clients, you are offering an extra channel of communication with your business that will allow a wider audience to get in touch when needed.


In a world where convenience and instant gratification are becoming more and more popular, being available for customers whenever they have a question, a problem or a query is vital if you want to keep up with the competition. Live chats allow your audience to contact you 24/7 and lead to much faster results. No waiting in line on the phone, no waiting for an email response. The customer doesn’t even have to leave the house.

Customer Service

One of the most frustrating things customers experience is having to explain their issue over and over again when being passed from one business representative to the next until finally someone is found with the right competency. Live chats not only cut down wait times because one agent can answer multiple questions at the same time, an agent can also transfer the chat to a more knowledgeable colleague without the user ever noticing it, increasing the likelihood of the issue being resolved in a timely manner.

User Experience

Live chats lessen the chance of miscommunication between customer and business representative due to factors such as strong accents, poor phone quality or intense emotions. The entire conversation is visible to either party who can re-read what has been said and clarify things if needed. Furthermore, both parties have a better chance to communicate without interruption which again increases the chance to quickly come to a solution.


Implementing live chats on your business website gives you the opportunity to proactively get in touch with your audience rather than wait for them to contact you. Some users may only be browsing your website out of curiosity, and being approached by an agent might be all it takes to turn a potential customer into a paying one, making your live chat a powerful tool to up your sales and increase your revenue.

Data Analysis

Reviewing live chat logs for internal purposes is much easier and less time-consuming than analysing phone conversations. The data gained from these chats can be used to monitor the quality of an agent’s interactions and provide constructive feedback which potential customers will also benefit from in the future.

Things to consider

All said, live chats aren’t the right tool for everyone and should not be the only communication channel you offer customers to get in touch with you. Less tech-savvy users might still prefer traditional methods such as face-to-face, email or phone conversations, so depending on your audience these customer support channels should remain an option.

Whether a live chat is viable for your business also depends on your staffing situation. A live chat requires at least one person to dedicate their full attention to the task in order to be efficient. If you like the idea of a live chat but don’t have the manpower to maintain it 24/7, consider implementing set hours per day.

For more information on chat software and which solution is right for your business, contact the friendly team at Energise Web today.

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