The Killer Guide to Getting More Likes on Your Instagram Feed (2020 Update!)

It’s a common story – a hopeful business creates an Instagram account hoping to market their amazing product to the 800 million users. After a few months, the Instagram page’s 15 photos have only generated a few likes, and there’s no noticeable improvement in overall business success.

While this is a common scenario, it’s not one that you have to experience. If you want to achieve more likes on your Instagram posts and ensure your marketing efforts are well-received, use the tips and information found here.

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Take Amazing Photos

While this may seem obvious, it would surprise you how many people don’t take time to capture quality photos. Keep in mind, you don’t have to have a DSLR that’s worth thousands of dollars to create an amazing Instagram post, but you need to ensure your lighting is right and that everything’s in focus.

At a minimum, you need a newer smartphone. Quality photos are more aesthetically pleasing, which translates to more likes.

Use a Common and Consistent Filter for Images

While it may sound frivolous, when you are consistent in your filtering scheme, you can build your Instagram brand significantly. By using the same filters (one or two at most) for all photos, you can create and maintain a consistent and common visual identity on your Instagram account. This will make it easy to have your photos recognized on your viewer’s feeds, increasing overall recognition, and helping you gain more consistent likes.


consistent filtering


Write Captions that are Engaging

While high-quality images are crucial, alone, they aren’t enough. You need to make sure your caption is just as interesting, value-packed, or engaging. Don’t use single-sentence or one-work captions. Instead, work to evoke emotion or inspire readers by telling a story, providing actionable tips, evoking a feeling, or sharing a vulnerable statement. The goal is to be relatable. If someone can relate to what you post, they are more likely to like it or leave a comment.

Don’t be afraid to show your true self and share everything with your audience. This is a huge factor that will help you achieve more likes on Instagram.

Pro Tip: The ideal caption will be different for everyone, so test a few options in your feed to see the ones your audience will respond to. When you find something that works, replicate it.

Use a Call to Action

Your audience cannot give you what you want if you don’t let them know what it is. By adding a call to action at the end of your caption, requesting a like can do wonders. By doing this, there’s a good chance you are going to significantly increase your engagement just by asking nicely.

Don’t overthink this strategy. All you need to do is add something simple – such as – like this post if you agree.

Pro Tip: You can switch up what you ask based on what you are trying to achieve at the moment. You can tell your readers to click your bio link, tag a friend, leave a comment, etc.

Use Local Hashtags

With local hashtags, you can reach quality customers nearby. Take some time to find popular, local accounts (just conduct a Google search for “top Instagram accounts in your city) and look at the hashtags being used for the posted photos.

You can use these hashtags and you will connect with people near you or with accounts that may be interested in featuring your business or photos. By doing this, you can gain more followers and get more likes through Instagram.


Get to Know Your Audience

While you may have heard this tip before, it’s worth repeating – you need to know your target audience. When you know what they like (i.e., memes, DIYs, travel photos, etc.) you can upload content that appeals to them and your likes will grow.

Instagram is a rather simple platform. You need to pick a niche, attract your audience, and then give them what they want. You can watch the likes and followers come in.

Tag Your (or a) Location

When you tag a location in your photos, it allows people nearby to see your photos. If you tag general locations (for example, “Downtown Atlanta” rather than a specific restaurant) it will increase the likelihood that people are going to see it. People who are searching for photos close to them are more likely to engage with them, so you have the opportunity to get more likes.

Are You Using Instagram to Its Full Potential?

Using Instagram

If you aren’t using the tips here, you aren’t making the most of your Instagram profile. Make changes now and attract more likes, followers, and views than ever before. This is going to pay off and help you achieve your marketing goals, regardless of how complex they may seem.

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