Why isn’t my web page on Google?

Searching for your website

Ensure that Google is able to find and crawl your website.

No matter how many people are looking for websites like yours, you’ll be invisible to them if you don’t show up in the major search engines. So, if you’re not ranking on Google, it’s time to make some adjustments to your website. Here are some factors to consider:

Is your website too deep?

The structure of your website will impact considerably your ranking. Generally, pages within several subfolders are unpopular with search engines. Check the structure of pages and ask yourself: “is my website too deep?”

One way to answer that question is by considering to what degree the current site structure helps users browse the website. It is not easy to determine what an ideal structure should be, as that would depend on the nature of the website and what it offers to its users. Too flat and too deep are unlikely to grab the search engines’ attention. But most of all you should think as a user would: is the website organized in such way that helps them find what they’re looking for in the easiest way possible?

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Do other websites link to your site?

Backlinks are links on external webpages that link directly back to your website. It is no secret that this is a key area of SEO, and a good backlinking strategy will help you rank your page.

But such strategy shouldn’t be only focused on placing as many links as possible. Google has been increasingly more concerned about artificial links and spammy link builders. As a result, quality is rewarded much more than quantity.

In order to make your website stand out, the goal is to build up an organic backlinking strategy by placing links on real external sites, whose content should somehow relate to the pages they are linking back to. While spammy backlinks will be penalized by Google, natural and solid links will be extremely beneficial to your SEO strategy.

Is your site full of Flash?

Flash is falling more and more into disuse. While many arguments could be made about this topic, one thing is certain: Flash animated sites are not Google- and SEO-friendly.

Flash sites don’t give space to links and content, which is what SEO is mostly about. In addition to that, there are no URLs for separate pages, and it is impossible to keep track of outbound links.

Considering that Google rewards user-friendly pages, with solid content and an organic links structure, it is only natural that Flash is not in its good graces.

Do you have enough content on your site?

Like we have already mentioned, SEO is mostly about content. Unfortunately, this means that no matter how great the design of your website is, Google is more likely to notice consistent and substantial content.

Make sure that your website is rich in original and useful information, which should also be as relevant as possible to what your business is about. Then optimize it by focusing on keywords and meta-tags.

Are your pages blocked?

Ensure that Google is able to find and crawl your website. One way to do it is by reviewing you robots.txt file, which will show you if Googlebot is blocked on any of your URLs or directories.

Is your website brand new?

Sometimes the reason your website doesn’t show up in Google is simply that it is too new. Generally, it takes a few weeks for a website to start appearing in search engine pages. In the meantime, you can set up an account on Google webmaster tools, and request Google to re-crawl your URLs. However, the number of requests is so large that you shouldn’t expect it to work quickly, especially if you have a large website with many pages.

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