Why you should have a business blog

why blogSo you’re marketing your business online, but you’re not getting much traffic? Have you considered blogging? It might be the perfect solution for you! It’s a vital digital marketing tool that will help you increase your stats, engage your audience and improve your online presence.

Get help with blogging!

Get more traffic

Every time you publish a post on your blog it creates a new page on your website. That is one more chance to be found by readers that are looking for more information about your industry. Think of each blog as a doorway into your business. Sharing each blog post on social media platforms expands your “reach”, widening your audience and helping your website visits grow. People are always eager to like, comment or share if they find something particularly interesting. When you blog, your company is also more likely to be linked to, which in turn will create more traffic.

Improve your Google ranking

With the right keywords and content in each blog post, you will further enhance your chances to show up higher in search engine results pages (SERPS) based on what users are looking for. If you have a high ranking on Google, you are more likely to get clicks through to your website than another business that may be listed on page five. Research has shown that the majority of internet users do not go past the first page when searching on Google. So that’s where you want to be – page one! Ask us how.

Turn visitors into customers

When you’re starting a blog, you are sharing experiences, advice or some sort of information with your audience. Someone is bound to be able to relate, hence you will create interest and open up communication channels, inviting your visitors to connect with you. By doing so, you can build meaningful relationships over time, establish trust in you and your brand, and eventually turn your visitors into customers.

The key to blogging is consistency. Produce regular posts that are engaging and inspiring, and your readers will want to come back for more. They will develop a sense of knowing you and your service, product or brand, and will feel part of your community.

Be a source of information

Whatever industry you belong to, by blogging you can demonstrate to your audience that you are an expert in your field. Blogging goes above and beyond simply offering a product or service. Blogging should be part of your basic customer service toolbox, as it can help to set you apart from your competition.

By offering your readers valuable information, news, ideas and opinions you are also giving them an insight into your industry. They may want to know more, and if you are the first person that comes to their mind, they will most likely contact you should they have any queries.

Go deep

Unlike a static website or social media platforms, blogs allow you to share more information in an easy-to-read manner. If you have a topic you would like to explore further or a subject that is a bit more complex, a blog is the perfect tool. You can think about your ideas and write them down, edit and expand whenever you wish.

Grow your network

You can further strengthen relationships with your audience and grow your community by inviting guest bloggers. It saves you time and takes the pressure of having to constantly come up with new ideas. Guest bloggers are usually happy to share your blog with their circles which opens up a whole new network for you.

Get help with blogging!

If you can make blogging a key part of your digital marketing strategy you will not only achieve higher rankings with Google. Interesting and entertaining blog posts will help shape your brand, build and strengthen relationships with potential customers and in the long run make your business more successful.


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