How Google My Maps can help grow your business

Google My MapAlthough launched more than a decade ago back in 2007, Google’s free tool My Maps has only recently started to attract more customers. According to the internet giant, the number of personalized maps designed, viewed and edited between December 2019 and April 2020 was close to 1 billion, bringing the total My Maps creations to now 3 billion.

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What is Google My Maps?

While the traditional Google Maps is one of the most used maps on the planet to receive directions and traffic information, Google My Maps is an additional feature that lets you create, edit and view customized maps for any specific purpose. These maps are then being viewed within Google Maps, adding extra layers of information to help you along your journey.

What is the difference between Google Maps and Google My Maps?

Basically, Google Maps forms the foundation for your journey while Google My Maps provides you with a customised experience tailored to exactly what you are looking for along the way.

While you can save favourite locations in both maps, only the traditional Google Maps is available offline and lets you view specific points of interest such as service stations, hotels or restaurants.

On the other hand, Google My Maps offers a range of additional features including customisable icons for whatever point of interest you want to pin along with adding personal notes. Furthermore, you can save navigation routes and make any My Map shareable with others.

How does Google My Maps benefit my business?

There are several benefits to be gained for businesses from using Google My Maps. Especially if you are operating in a local community, you will find that Google My Maps can significantly enhance your customer’s experience by adding extra value.

Enhanced marketing

With a wide range of functions and features, Google My Maps allows you to present different aspects of your business to your audience. Are you operating internally or nationwide? Show your clients which cities or countries you are located in.

Do you have various brands throughout the city that offer different services or are hosting a series of workshops at different locations? With Google My Maps it is super easy to display relevant geographic information in a visually appealing way rather than simply listing it on your website.

Once created, you can share your maps in a variety of ways. From embedding them on your website or social media channels, adding them to email newsletters or creating a QR code that links to your map and using it on printable materials including posters and business cards. Your options are only limited by your imagination!

Get an SEO boost!

Any map you create using Google My Maps can rank on its own in search engine results, giving you additional exposure and increasing the chances of your business being found on the world wide web. Just like you would with your website, add the appropriate keywords to your map and target a specific audience which each of your maps.

Increased exposure

Google My Maps allows you to add additional information such as your business contact details, links to your websites and social media accounts as well as YouTube channels, external reviews and images. With such a wide range of features, you have almost unlimited opportunities to market your business. At the same time, you can notably enhance your users’ experience by adding valuable information and services that are tailored to their needs.

If you are interested in learning more about Google My Maps and how they can enhance your business, simply give the friendly team at Energise Web a call today. We are highly experienced in creating customised maps and can help you gain more exposure as well as promote your business online in a variety of ways.

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2 Responses to How Google My Maps can help grow your business

  1. Ralph Correa says:

    I am looking toplace streets that have enroled for neighbourhood watch on a map to show location of connections, can the map do this ?

    • Donna says:

      Hi Ralph
      Yes you can do it.
      Once in the Google My Maps you would just need to find the Street and place a marker or place a line then put what detail you need in there in the pop up box.


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