Why you should use Google AdWords

Google Ads can be really effective if your campaign is properly set up, managed well and you use Google Analytics to monitor the results of visits to your website from your advertising campaigns. So what are the benefits of using Google Ads?

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Budgets Are Flexible

One of the biggest concerns I hear from clients who have never used Google Ads, or have managed their own accounts before, is that the costs might get out of hand and they could spend more than they ever intended to. Yes, this definitely happens if you don’t know what you’re doing and allow Google too much of a free rein in setting bids. However, search advertising budgets have a daily limit and individual bids can be set right down to the keyword level. This means that if you want to bid more to appear to people searching for “Red Widgets” than you do for “Blue Widgets” searches, you can do that. Your campaign can be turned on or off at any stage and we can even schedule it to run only on certain days. So if you didn’t want to show anyone your adverts on the weekends or after certain hours, we can do that too.

adwords budgets are flexible

Google Ads budgets are so flexible that you will never get any nasty surprises

Get Immediate Results

New websites or websites that are in a very competitive industry can get immediate benefits from running a Google Ads campaign. If you want quick results for specific searches, they can’t be beaten.

But what about other forms of paid advertising such as print, radio or other traditional media? A paid clicks campaign has some advantages over traditional media;

  1. Paid clicks can give an immediate boost to website visits, whereas with traditional media, you can’t always be sure that it’s doing anything.
  2. Traditional media can’t guarantee results. Google Ads can.
  3. Google Ads is often cheaper than traditional media. You can outlay thousands of dollars over months on traditional advertising and have no idea if it is working. With Google Ads, you’ll know within weeks at most.
  4. Traditional media like radio or newspapers can’t tell you how many people heard or saw your adverts. Google Ads reporting is really black and white. We can tell you exactly how many people saw your ads, how many people clicked on them and then we can track them to see if they took any actions on your website.
adwords faster results than seo

Here’s an example of what a massive difference AdWords can make to website visits!

Google Ads Are Prioritised

Google is gradually making the first page of search results more and more about paid advertising rather than about ranking highly. They have increased the number of paid ads and inserted more local listings (that also link to ads), which pushes down the natural results that SEO’s work so hard to rank highly in. For many searches, there are now no natural results visible on the screen without scrolling.

Many people assume that “no one clicks on Google Ads” but this is simply an urban myth! As far back as 2012, US company Wordstream, found that nearly 65% of all clicks on Google are paid clicks with only around 35% of clicks on the natural, unpaid listings. At that time, natural listings were far more visible on the search results page! The Wall Street Journal reported that Alphabet (Google’s parent company) profits increased 24% in the first quarter of 2016, to a record US$4.88billion on the back of strong demand for paid advertising.

profit from google adwords

Google make 97% of all their money from Google Ads

Competitors Aren’t Up With The Play

I am amazed that more companies don’t run Google Ads. The reality is that for local searches, there are only a handful of companies to compete with and often, they are poorly set up accounts that will stop advertising soon anyway. Either they won’t be able to afford all the useless clicks they get without any return, or the lack of enquiries will prompt them to give up.  The fact is that the Google profits mentioned above are only increasing because of how effective paid click advertising is. If you are not promoting your company using Google Ads, the chances are that one of your competitors is – and they are getting the clicks that you are not.


Setting up AdWords badly can be expensive if you don’t know what you are doing!

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You don’t need to manage Google Ads yourself

Google do encourage business owners to run their own ad campaigns using a basic version of Google Ads called Ads Express. However, I’ve seen this go badly wrong when clients have just taken all the advice that Google was offering. There was a dentist who I’ve helped who was running his own Express account. According to the results he was getting when I took over, he was showing his advert over 100,000 times a month. The trouble was, that the area he lived in only had a population of around 150,000 people. That’s a lot of fillings! Get in touch with us and we can assist you to make the most of your online advertising using Google Ads.

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  1. Bob says:

    Adwords is immediate, sure. But it only gets a very small fraction of the traffic that the #1 spot on organic SERPs could provide!


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