Instagram Reels Marketing: What You Should Know

One of the best parts about living in a technologically advanced world is the variety of social media platforms it offers. Communication has never been easier. Modern businesses looking to climb up the scale can also use these platforms for social media marketing.

Instagram is one such popular social platform today. It has proven to be a game-changer for businesses. Research has found that Instagram has around 200 million business accounts. Moreover, a hefty 90 percent of Instagram users actively follow at least one business account. Almost mind-boggling, isn’t it?

Instagram is one of the most dynamic platforms of its kind. Instagram Reels, in particular, is a feature you mustn’t miss out on if you’re keen on promoting your products. Instagram Reels are one-minute, multi-clip videos that can have intriguing effects and creative tools.

They are the best way to feature your top-notch products. Want to know more about Instagram Reels marketing? Here’s everything you should know:

Tap into user-generated content

User-generated content is content posted by users on your brand. It’s a powerful tool because not only does it eloquently present your brand on public platforms, but it also creates brand awareness. Consider the image below:

brand awareness

Source: Medium

If you’re looking to tap into user-generated content for your Instagram Reels marketing, you need to familiarize yourself with it first. You’ll make the most out of it this way. For instance, Instagram Reels offer an enormous song library, beautiful filters, different text overlays, among others. Knowing about these features will only help you better convey to users what kind of content you want to be displayed.

Check out how Black Tap, which started as a small restaurant offering milkshakes in New York, did just that:

black tap

Source: Black Tap

Black Tap used Instagram Reels to call for UGC content. The visuals serve to show its audience the type of content it’s looking for.

You can also use Instagram Reels in another way: highlight the UGC content you’ve collated. Don’t forget to use hashtags!

Repurpose your successful content

Want people to know about your biggest successes when it comes to your product? Repurposing your content may be your best bet. Moreover, incorporating brand new content can be a lot of work.

If you have successful promotional content on your TikTok, you can reuse it for your Instagram Reels marketing. Countless companies around the world are doing this as both apps rely on similar video formats.

Here’s an example of how the massively popular online retailer ASOS is doing this:



ASOS is technically not a small business, but you can learn from the big brands, too.

Not only does repurposing content make your best content available for your audience on every platform, but it also requires minimal effort. It’s a win-win. You can also shorten long videos or edit old videos for a subtle twist.

Give them a peek behind-the-scenes

Giving your customers a sneak peek into what lies behind the curtains is always a good idea. Consider showing your customers the processes involved in creating the products they love or how your services are delivered to them. You can even give them a tour of the day-to-day activities that take place at your office!

You can also use Instagram Reels to help other people know your employees. Check out the example below from 33 Acres Brewing Company, a family-owned brewery in Vancouver.

As a business owner, your main goal should always be to attract potential customers and retain old ones. Allowing your customers to see what goes on behind the scenes will allow you to communicate with them on an authentic level and gain their trust.

This is especially true for ethically-made items and those that require special care and attention. Your customers have got to know that you’re giving them exactly what their money is worth.

Make how-to videos

Research has found that around 73% of customers are likely to buy a product or service after watching a how-to video about it explaining its various features. When using Instagram Reels for marketing purposes, consider actively incorporating how-to videos to give your customers greater insight into the workings of your products.

The image below perfectly explains the impact of video on marketing:

Ball Retail

Source: Ball Retail

How-to videos are particularly helpful for electronic gadgets, for instance, that can be difficult to use. Offering them step-by-step guides via how-to videos on Instagram Reels will educate them about your products. Those videos will also teach them the correct way of using those gadgets.

If you’re selling food, you can create these types of videos, too.

For instance, you wanna know how to create an amazing dish with brown ale and bacon? Check out this Instagram Reels video from Salt and Straw, an ice cream shop based in Portland, Oregon, founded by cousins Kim Malek and Tyler Malek:

Moreover, this strategy will affirm to your customers that you prioritize their ease and convenience. If the one-minute reel isn’t enough to explain your product, give your customers a heads-up about part two in advance.

Get your employees on board with your Instagram Reels marketing plan and ask them to write in-detail descriptions about the features of your products for your how-to videos. To ensure the task is done in a timely manner, use an efficient work schedule template and assign tasks to employees accordingly.

Keep it fun and creative

When creating Instagram Reels for potential customers, don’t shy away from showing off your company’s humorous, quirky side. Be as genuine as possible to create long-lasting connections with customers. Keep in mind that informative content doesn’t have to be boring, so liven it up a little when you can.

For instance, you can share your bloopers as a business owner with your customers to see if they can relate to them on any level. There’s no shame in showing vulnerability. Your audience will even appreciate it.

You can also use Reels to create funny short stories centered around not-so-ordinary characters or just pose interesting questions to engage your audience. Just look at the example above from Letterfolk, a product design brand founded by Johnny and his wife Joanna. The visuals are a great complement to the captions as they change, depending on the season specified on the mat.

You can also organize fun Instagram contests.

Consider the image below:

instagram contest

Source: Neil Patel

The aim should be to create extremely entertaining videos that also manage to subtly promote your products. Jump onto current trends and add a personal touch to them. Moreover, consider using cool set-ups, popping colors, and music that fits the theme for added effects.

In Closing

Nothing feels better than seeing your products and services make a mark in the marketplace. The process may require hard work and determination, but there’s surely never been an easier time than now to promote your business. The wide array of social media platforms and their intense popularity means business owners have endless marketing options to choose from.

Seamlessly integrating features like Instagram Reels, for instance, will only help you highlight your best products to your target audience. Aesthetics play a major role in this- who doesn’t like to see pretty things?

Fortunately for you, Instagram Reels offers design and editing options that can help you get there and reach your target market. Just follow these tips, and your small business will surely get ahead.

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