Click to Call Mobile Websites: Why it’s a “must have” feature

Mobiel website with click to call function

With a click to call mobile friendly website, your customers can call you quickly and easily!

Mobile-friendly websites with a “click to call” feature are the latest must have for any business wanting to maximise enquiries from their websites. Just when you thought that online enquiries were taking over, I’m here to tell you that the good-old phone call is back and more important than ever. What has driven this, is the massive growth in smartphone use in recent years. When asked what they would give up to be able to keep using their smartphones, respondents said that they would give up high-heels, satellite TV or even chocolate to be able to keep using them!
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When you think about it, we use our smartphones everywhere; at home, at work, while out socialising and even while shopping. With a click to call feature on your website, you can ask for immediate action from the person viewing your website!

We’re using mobile websites in a variety of different ways. In a recent survey…

  • 79% of people used their smartphone while shopping
  • 70% used their smartphone while in a store
  • 54% used it to find a retailer
  • 48% get promotions and coupons
  • 44% read reviews and get product info
  • 34% check to see if the product they want is in stock
  • 74% of smartphone users purchased something after using their smartphone to search for it

95% of people use a smartphone to look for local information

Looking up the contact details of a local business is one of the most common search activities on a smartphone. 88% of people who make local searches take action on the same day and 61% of people actually call the business. If you had “click to call” on your website, don’t you think you would be much more likely to get an enquiry over another website who didn’t?

Click to call button on mobile website

The amazing thing is that at the time of writing (July 2013), over 90% of websites are not mobile friendly and most of the few that are don’t have a click to call function!

How does a Click to Call button work?

What happens when a viewer taps on a “click to call” or “push to call” button varies between mobile phones. As you can see from the websites shown here, the idea is to have a prominent phone number in a visible button that is inviting to click. I prefer to display the phone number on the click to call button for three reasons;

  1. It allows the viewer the chance to write the number down for later use.
  2. It creates more trust than a plain “click to call” button where the number can’t be seen.
  3. You can show the viewer if the call is local, mobile or free!

In the example of the mechanic’s website, you can see that there are two click to call buttons. One for a local call in green and one to an emergency 24 hour mobile number in red. This is a really “idiot-proof” way to ask viewers to take the appropriate action and call now.

When the push to call button is tapped on using a Samsung Galaxy S2, the phone asks if you want to complete the action by phoning. Another tap initiates the phone call just like any other call but without any typing of numbers.

Who might use a click to call feature and why?

There are a number of situations where a click to call button will create a much higher chance of an enquiry than a normal mobile website with a contact page.

Firstly, there is the very nature of a smartphone user… they want the information NOW, easy to read and simple to act on. A click to call button is an easy solution. A “solve all your problems with one click” button!

The two tradesman’s websites shown here are a perfect example of situations when someone might want a quick solution to an immediate problem. If your power is out or your car is broken down, the last thing you want to do is search for a print directory or fill in an online form. One click and the problem is on it’s way to being resolved. It’s not just emergencies where click to call might work. It’s also great for restaurant bookings, simple enquiries, checking holiday opening hours, quick orders or to arrange a meeting. There are also times when an online order form is too simple for a complicated request.

Why we know click to call works

Google released information this year showing that there were over 20 million calls placed from clicks on their Google AdWords click-to-call mobile adverts last year! (We can help with Google AdWords) In a 2012 report, Google told us that over half of the smartphone users making these calls did so because they wanted to talk to a real person before making a final decision. At least we’re not being replaced by robots just yet!

How much does “click to call” cost?

Click to call buttons are a simple feature to include in the process of building a mobile website or upgrading an existing website to be mobile friendly.If you’re paying more than $100, then you’re paying too much for this simple feature. The actual calls are the same cost as any normal call and there is no charge to the business as long as it’s not a freephone call.

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