How much does a Mobile Website Cost?

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Mobile websites have the flexibility to display differently depending on the size of the screen the viewer is using. This is called responsive web design.

Mobile Website Cost depends a lot on what you want to do with your website and what your starting point is. If you already have a website, it’s normally much cheaper to update your old site to be mobile friendly than if you are starting from scratch with no website at all. As with all things, there are a few traps for the unwary. It’s often better to get your web designer to build a new website if;

  • Your website is an older online shop
  • Your website was entirely built using Flash
  • Your website is old and dusty (built using out of date methods)
  • You built your own website
  • Your website was built by your 14-year-old nephew who has done web design at school

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How much does a NEW Mobile Website cost?

This is one of those “piece of string” questions but you should be able to get a basic mobile-friendly website for about $1500. A mobile-friendly website does take a little longer than a normal website and there is extra testing to do. It may also require different graphics, content, and functionality. More advanced websites will take longer and therefore cost more. If you are looking to build an online shop, make sure that the shop system you’re using is mobile-friendly and ask how much extra it will be to customise the mobile version of your online shop. We offer an online shop system that has mobile-friendly functionality as standard. Ask us about a new mobile website.

How much does an UPGRADE to a Mobile Website cost?

Girl holding a smartphone asking how much does a mobile website cost?The cost to upgrade an old website to be responsive and smartphone-friendly depends entirely on how the old website was built. There are some types of websites that simply can’t be upgraded to be mobile-friendly and others that are not worth upgrading as they stand because it would take too long.

  • If an amateur-built your website
    If it’s been built by an amateur or is more than a few years old, the techniques used to build it will probably mean that it is not easy to upgrade and you’d be better to start over. However, if your website was built by a professional, then there is a good chance that we could upgrade it more cheaply than you think.
  • If your website was built using Flash
    Flash-based websites use animation. If there are things flying all over the place and the buttons make noise when you mouse over them, the chances are that you have a Flash website. Once thought to be the way of the future, Flash is gradually fading away. Flash websites are not well supported on mobile phones. Apple products don’t normally display them and they don’t function well on small screens. Ditch it and start again!
  • If you have an older online shop
    Most online shops built before 2012 are not mobile-friendly at all. One of the most popular online shops (Zen Cart) will probably never be upgraded to be mobile friendly as the people behind it are no longer offering anything more than security upgrades. Look at this as a chance to review your online shop and make it work for you.

Having said that, the news is actually pretty good for many websites. If your website was built using modern techniques, then upgrading to a mobile website cost could be as little as $500. Most of my clients are paying that. In the process, I am adding in a neat little feature called a Click to Call Button. It allows smartphone users to phone you directly from your website. If someone views it from a normal computer, the button is hidden. A really useful way to get enquiries.

Ask us about upgrading your website to a mobile website.

Won’t a mobile website cost less if I do one of those monthly plans?

There are a number of online offers right now for converting your old website to a mobile website where you pay a monthly fee. They sound like a great idea until you realise there are other factors you need to consider.

  • How much will a mobile website cost you over time?
    If you opt for a monthly plan, mobile website costs can easily blow out to be more than the cost of a one-off upgrade within 2 years.
  • You’re paying for a robot.
    Some of the monthly deals rely on a piece of software to automatically generate a mobile version of your website. This will work for some websites but not all of them.
  • Customisation can be difficult or impossible
    Monthly plans tend to use pre-built templates, so you can’t always get exactly what you want. Automated templates can’t be changed.
  • You’re dealing with resellers, not providers
    There are a couple of big overseas companies that set up people here in NZ as resellers of their plans. The people selling them here don’t build your mobile websites and are merely on-selling someone else’s services for a commission.
  • There are limits to what you get
    Monthly plans sometimes limit the number of pages that can be mobile or the number of views and you need to pay more to upgrade.
  • They can mess with your SEO
    A mobile version of your website can affect your Google rankings if poorly set up. Especially if it uses a different address like:

OK, How do I get a mobile website?

You can call us on 0800 627 546, email or use our online quote form. We’ll talk you through what we can do to help you using plain English!
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