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Demystifying Google's Trust Algorithm

The Trust Factor: How to Earn Google’s Seal of Approval for Higher Rankings

Websites are no longer just digital storefronts; they’re battlegrounds for trust. In the age of information overload, users and search engines like Google prioritise credible sources. This guide equips you with the strategies to transform your website into a trusted authority, propelling you up the search rankings and towards your online objectives.

What does a Google Search Ads manager do?

In digital marketing, a Google Ads manager plays a pivotal role. They are not just campaign operators, but strategic partners who navigate Google Search Ads to drive business success. From crafting targeted campaigns to analysing data for insights, their expertise ensures that your online advertising efforts are not just visible, but impactful. Understanding their multifaceted role is key to unlocking the full potential of your digital advertising strategy.

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Google Business Sites to Shut Down 1st March 2024

Google Business Sites is closing down from 1st March 2024. Anyone using a Google Site will need to replace their website before March 2024, or they will lose their website presence. Contact us for help!

Does Google care about the age of your domain?

The debate about whether using an old, established domain is better than buying a new one has been around for quite some time. But does the domain age actually matter when it comes to SEO?

What is Google Analytics?

Anyone can count the number of people visiting a website. However, that information alone isn’t useful unless you know why people arrive at your website, how they got there and whether they found what they were looking for. Google Analytics can give you all the answers and more.

Google Analytics 4

Google Analytics 4 is replacing Universal Analytics – What does it mean for you?

With the internet constantly evolving, the way user data is being collected and processed needs to be adapted. In 2023, Google will completely phase out its tracking service Universal Analytics and solely have data tracked by GA4. Making the switch as soon as possible will make the transition smoother.

Google Guides

How your business can benefit from Google Guides

Actively marketing your business online can be costly and time-consuming. User-generated content such as produced on Google Guides is a valuable asset and should not be under-estimated. Utilized the right way, Google Guides can increase your online visibility and boost your SEO rankings.

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How To Google My Business

From choosing the right category to maintaining your listing: With the right approach, Google My Business has the potential to improve website visits, grow your audience and turn browsing visitors into paying customers.

Google and GST

GST on Google Ads & the “Amazon Tax”

Starting in October 2019, international companies like Amazon will have to register with IRD and collect GST from Kiwis at the point of sale.

Google Ad Grants

Google Adwords Grant

Advertising is vital to the success of any organisation, including those who operate to help others.What if nonprofits could reduce their own advertising spend while extending the reach and audience of their cause? This is where the Google Adwords Grant can help.

energise google reviews

How important are Google Reviews?

Google is the first point of contact a potential customer has with your business. Google Reviews are what help them to choose your business over another.

G Suite

Benefits of Using Google Workspace

We can show you how to harness the full potential of Google Workspace, an intuitive set of applications that are not only easy to set up but simple to work with. Find out more…

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Web Accessibility for Vision Impaired Users

Making your website accessible to as many people as possible isn’t just a good idea for the end user. It’s an aspiration to include as many people as possible and also serves to tell Google that you are making an effort to build content on your website to the highest of standards… that deserves high rankings!

accelerated mobile pages

Accelerated Mobile Pages & the AMP Project

If you follow Google news at all, the phrase “AMP Project” may have got your attention at some point in the last few months. What on earth is it, and how can it help?

Prove you are not a robot and digitalise books and refine maps

Why proving you are human is a good deed

Does it annoy you having to prove that you are not a robot, time and time again? Well what if you knew that you were doing it to protect your own interests and at the same time helping to digitalise classic books, refine maps and seek Artificial Intelligence solutions?

google website speed

Is Your Website Too Slow For Google?

Your website might look great but is it too slow to rank well? Google are putting more and more emphasis on ranking pages higher if they are fast, responsive and easy to use. Don’t be left behind!

2015 report on New Zealand internet trends

2015 NZ Internet Trends

Reports show that internationally, internet trends in 2015 have shown integration of mobile devices as access points to the internet. In New Zealand, 2015’s internet trends have followed suit. How else are people using the internet now? What new trends have come to light in 2015 and how can they enhance your internet marketing?

mobile friendly websites

Take Advantage of Google’s Mobile Friendly Website Preference

Under Google’s ever-evolving page ranking algorithms, from April 2015, web pages that are not mobile friendly will be penalised. What does the Google mobile friendly announcement say, and what does it mean for mobile friendly web design in terms of Google ranking factors.

google panda algorithm update

Google conspiracy theory: Adwords bidding wars?

The Google Farmer update has destroyed rankings, and therefore web traffic and advertising revenue for a large number of good quality websites that are now struggling to recover. Was it planned that way or just an unfortunate side-effect?

How to fix a google penalty

Google announces new focus on quality in search results

Today, Google announced that it has updated it’s algorithm (the super-secret formula that ranks search results) to improve the quality of the results. Some of this will be new and some will be a greater emphasis on aspects of a website that were previously not so important.


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