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What to Do If Your Website Has Been Hacked

Your website is your online hub, attracting customers and building your brand. Just like you’d secure your bricks-and-mortar store, you need to protect your website from intruders. If you’ve been hacked, take a deep breath. This guide will be your lifeline, showing you how to recover your website and prevent future attacks. We’ll cover everything from taking your site offline to patching vulnerabilities and building stronger defences.

Recovering Your Rankings After A Website Hack

Hacked Website? Recover Your Rankings! A website hack can tank your search ranking. Spammy content, malware, and security warnings – all courtesy of hackers – can send your website visibility plummeting. But don’t despair! This guide will equip you to remove the malicious content, restore your website, and get Google to reconsider your ranking. Let’s reclaim your rightful spot in search results!

In-Depth Guide to Choosing the Right Payment Gateway in New Zealand

This guide has equipped you to navigate the world of payment gateways in New Zealand. Remember, prioritise security, convenience, and scalability when choosing your gateway. Don’t hesitate to research and explore free trials to find the perfect fit. By streamlining transactions and building trust, your New Zealand e-commerce business is primed for success!

Do free DIY website builders work?

Building your own website certainly has its perks. At first glance, they are extremely cost-effective, give you full control over the design with plenty of templates to choose from, and they are convenient, often allowing you to upload and edit content from anywhere. However, when it comes to functionality, visibility and Google rankings, are DIY websites really worth the effort?

Optimise your online shop for older users

The majority of New Zealanders are regularly using the internet to browse products and services, often making the step from undertaking research to making an actual purchase online. While the younger generation tends to be more familiar with eCommerce stores, older people aged 65 and above have increased their online spending in recent years, and their number is growing. How can you optimize your website for your older customers?

Unveiling the Dark Side of Website Hacking

What motivates people to hack websites? How can you protect your website from cyber threats? Get expert insights on common hacking methods and prevention strategies to safeguard your online presence.

Advertising your website on the radio

How to promote your website using radio ads

Radio advertising can be one of the most effective ways to promote your business website. If done right, going on air will help you grow your audience, attract new customers and ultimately increase sales

Domain Name Ownership

Domain Name Cybersquatting and what to do about it

There is nothing more frustrating than wanting to move your business online – only to discover someone else already owns the domain name for your business. Sometimes this is just a coincidence and can be resolved through mediation. However, it could also be a case of cybersquatting, designed to rip you off.

Email address vs. contact form: What should I put on my website?

The more options online users have to communicate with you, the better for your business. However, is it wise to publicly display your email address? Or does a contact form do the trick?

landing page paper plane

What makes a good landing page?

Your landing page is your business card on the internet. Having one is essential to even be found by Google and other search engines. But not every landing page will help your business grow and flourish. Only the ones with a good first impression will result in higher conversion rates.

photographer taking free stock photos

Where To Find Free Stock Photos

The images you are using on your website or social media account can influence if and how your audience will engage with you, if they take a closer look at what you have to offer and even impact their decision whether or not to do business with you. We have compiled a list of the most popular free stock image websites that are bound to help you spruce up your online looks.

Mobile friendly website

Why your website should be mobile-friendly

You have a well-designed website with everything potential customers need to know, and yet you’re neither attracting any users or making any online sales. The problem could be that your website is not optimized for mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. From Google rankings to increased revenue, having a mobile-friendly website is essential if you want to keep up with the competition.

Website Planning

How to plan for your new website design

Web designers can turn mediocre websites into amazing user experiences and create new websites from scratch that can significantly increase your business turnover. However, this will only work if you approach your web designer with a clear vision in mind. Here a few things to think about before designing a website.

best about us page

How to Create a Killer “About Us” Page

The “About Us” page is about you and your brand. Show how unique you are and why your brand’s message is worth the attention of your audience

street signs

How To Promote Your Website Offline

Having a business website is a great way to build your brand and audience. However, if not marketed properly, you will lose out on potential customers, especially those that are unable to find you in the first place. Promoting your website offline is indispensable if you want to leverage its full potential.

taped testimonials

How video testimonials can help boost your business

Customer reviews are highly influential to people in the decision-making stage when deciding on a specific product or service over another. If you want to leverage the full potential of testimonials, have your customers tell their story in front of the camera and watch your business grow.

email spoofing

Email hacked? How to prevent email spoofing

Has your email been hacked? Are you receiving emails that seem to come from you but aren’t? Or worse, are your clients receiving scam emails sent from you? Email spoofing is more common than you think. Find out what email spoofing is and how you can prevent it.

Searching for your website

Why isn’t my web page on Google?

No matter how many people are looking for websites like yours, you’ll be invisible to them if you don’t show up in the major search engines.So, if you’re not ranking on Google, it’s time to make some adjustments to your website.

man digging for treasure to pay for cost of seo

How Much Does SEO Cost?

Working out how much to spend on Search Engine Optimisation can be a difficult decision. This article covers some of the things that you need to think about regarding SEO, what to expect and some pointers on how to set your budget. SEO isn’t a one-size-fits-all kind of thing!

hats and coats from website visitors

What do website visitors want from your website?

Your website may need to cater to a whole range of different visitors. How can you make sure that you appeal to as many people as possible? Here are some simple guidelines that will help your website convert visitors into customers.

Kid Coding

Coding and Kids

When a child understands how to code, they no longer have to accept technology as it is handed to them. They can understand how something works and adapt it to work for them.

Facebook Reviews

How Important are Facebook Reviews?

There are many ways that leads and customers can communicate with your business but how they perceive you online is influenced by your presence on Facebook.

energise website success

Graphic Design vs Content – What’s more important?

Finding a balance between engaging content and eye-catching design may seem an impossible task, particularly if you tend to favour one over the other.

energise google reviews

How important are Google Reviews?

Google is the first point of contact a potential customer has with your business. Google Reviews are what help them to choose your business over another.


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