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Social Media and Mental Health: The Impact of the Digital Age

Social media can affect business owners mental health by increasing stress, burnout, and feelings of isolation. They may also feel pressure to present a perfect image online, which can lead to anxiety and depression. It’s important for business owners to set boundaries and use social media mindfully to avoid these negative effects.

Does Google care about the age of your domain?

The debate about whether using an old, established domain is better than buying a new one has been around for quite some time. But does the domain age actually matter when it comes to SEO?

How Kiwis want to pay online

Credit cards have long been the preferred way for Kiwis to pay for their online shopping trips. However, they are by far not the only option. New digital solutions have become increasingly popular in recent years. If your online shopping only allows accepts payment via the traditional plastic card, you may be losing out.

Advertising your website on the radio

How to promote your website using radio ads

Radio advertising can be one of the most effective ways to promote your business website. If done right, going on air will help you grow your audience, attract new customers and ultimately increase sales

Why article spinning could ruin your Google ranking

Is article spinning good for SEO?

Search engine optimization is one of the most complicated tasks for website owners. There is a multitude of tactics that can be used to boost your rankings with Google and Co. One of them is called article spinning. But how does it actually impact your SEO?

Domain Name Ownership

Domain Name Cybersquatting and what to do about it

There is nothing more frustrating than wanting to move your business online – only to discover someone else already owns the domain name for your business. Sometimes this is just a coincidence and can be resolved through mediation. However, it could also be a case of cybersquatting, designed to rip you off.

How to recover from a Google penalty

Being kicked off Google search engine results is a nightmare for any website owner. The worst of all penalties handed out by the internet giant can happen to anyone. Do you know what you need to do if it happens to you?

NZ eCommerce Stats

The last couple of years have been repeatedly disrupted by lockdowns and strict public health measures to navigate through the Coronavirus pandemic. Not being able to shop in-store, supply chain disruptions and economic restraints have significantly changed the way Kiwis shop. More purchases are being made online than ever before. But with normality returning, how can eCommerce merchants set up their businesses for a successful future?


How are Kiwis using the internet?

The global Coronavirus pandemic has changed the way we utilize the internet in many ways. Whether it is accessing social media or purchasing goods and services online: The #Digital2022 report reveals how Kiwis prefer to spend their time when surfing the world wide web.

How to write location-specific website content

Unless your business operates on a national or global level, you need to attract the right audience in the right places. Part of your success will be determined by how well you can weave your location into your website content.

Email address vs. contact form: What should I put on my website?

The more options online users have to communicate with you, the better for your business. However, is it wise to publicly display your email address? Or does a contact form do the trick?

12 Questions To Answer For Great Website Content

There are billions of websites fighting for our attention on the world wide web. Many of them are beautifully and skilfully designed, and yet their visitor numbers are low. The reason? They are lacking the right kind of content that people are looking for. We have created a guide to show you what parts your website should definitely have.

What is Google Analytics?

Anyone can count the number of people visiting a website. However, that information alone isn’t useful unless you know why people arrive at your website, how they got there and whether they found what they were looking for. Google Analytics can give you all the answers and more.

Sals Increase

How to increase your sales using Google

Google is not only a powerful search engine. The tools and features available throughout the platform can help your business attract new customers, increase revenue and significantly boost your overall performance.

Location pages for SEO

How relevant are location pages for SEO?

Local searches have become increasingly popular in recent years. Does your business website need a location page to continue attracting visitors? Or is it enough to focus on basic search engine optimization?

Traditional SEO vs Local SEO

What is the difference between local SEO and traditional SEO?

SEO is one of the greatest challenges for website owners. If you don’t appear on the first page of Google search results, your website might as well not exist. The task seems even more problematic for local businesses that have a much smaller audience to compete for. What can they do differently in order to attract more customers from their own area?

business resilience

How to build brand and business resilience

Many businesses focus entirely on financial performance and measure their success by how much profit the company makes. However, what if success was measured by how well you are prepared for when disaster strikes? Do you simply hope for the best? Or will you be able to continue moving forward as if nothing happened?

Business reviews

Why you need business reviews and how to get them

Online reviews have a significant impact on a company’s reputation and success. With the right strategy, they can elevate your business and lead to an increase in revenue. But where do you get reviews and how do you manage them?

Google Analytics 4

Google Analytics 4 is replacing Universal Analytics – What does it mean for you?

With the internet constantly evolving, the way user data is being collected and processed needs to be adapted. In 2023, Google will completely phase out its tracking service Universal Analytics and solely have data tracked by GA4. Making the switch as soon as possible will make the transition smoother.

duplicate content

Do you have a problem with duplicate content?

Almost a third of all content on the web is duplicated. With Google emphasizing that it prefers websites with unique and original content matter, this can have serious implications for you and your business.

google MUM

How Google MUM might turn SEO upside down

A new technology is supposed to help Google address complex search queries. Though, while MUM will offer a range of additional features to help users find what they are truly looking for, it might ultimately challenge and change how businesses and web designers approach Search Engine Optimization.

virtual world

What is the Metaverse and why does it matter?

When Mark Zuckerberg rebranded Facebook to Meta, the term metaverse suddenly became the latest hype in the digital world. Everyone seems to be talking about it, but barely anyone knows what it actually means. Should we be worried about the metaverse or regard it as an exciting new opportunity?

Google My Map

How Google My Maps can help grow your business

Have you ever wondered how you can present various aspects of your business in a more appealing way to your audience? Google My Maps might be the answer for you. Find out how the free online tool can boost your SEO, get you more exposure and enhance customer experience.

business continuity plan

How a business continuity plan prepares you for emergencies

Most people know exactly how to act if there was a fire and how to keep themselves safe. But what about your business? Are you prepared for the unforeseen and can handle a major disruption to your everyday business activities?


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