Vodafone Stop Domain, Email & Web Hosting Services

Vodafone cancel web services

Vodafone are shutting web, email and domain hosting services as of 28th February 2019. We explain what this means for you and your business.

Steps in keyword research to beat your competition

keyword research

Keyword research is probably one of the most important parts of SEO to get right. Choosing and tracking the wrong …

Responsive Design for SEO and Website Success in 2019


Responsive Web Design is a method of web design where a web page is designed to fit or scale to the display capabilities of the device it is being viewed on

Why you should have a business blog

why blog

Have you considered blogging? It’s a vital digital marketing tool that helps you increase your stats, engage your audience and improve your online presence.

Why use an SEO web designer

SEO Designer

This post will explore how an SEO approach to web design can benefit your marketing efforts from the design stage onwards

What are cookies?

Good news first: Cookies don’t harm your computer nor do they contain any viruses or give anyone else access to your computer.

Password Managers – how to keep your data safe

Password Manager

Remembering a strong password for multiple websites can be a mission impossible. Password managers are a way reduce the chaos in your password jungle.

7 Secure Password Tips


Thought you had it all figured out, creating complicated, hard to decipher passwords that will keep your personal data safe? You might want to reconsider, because recent studies have shown that the status quo is not as safe as you thought!

How to avoid online scams

Scams online

Scams only have one goal: To get your money. Unfortunately scams have become a lot trickier to spot over the years. Find out how to keep yourself safe.

How to keep your child safe online.

Children's Internet Safety

In the age of digital technology it’s almost impossible to keep your children away from devices, let alone the internet. Helping them understand the dangers of the internet and teaching them how to use it responsibly, is vital.